Old man winter...is really young man winter!

No Fall for us! Winter made a new early record with the first hard frost on October 10th. All the fruit on the Western Slope thought it would take it‘s sweet time to get sweet. This left all of us to scramble. The whole Western Slope Ag community had to hustle to get winterized and fruit picked. We had all but 150 lbs. of Syrah picked, but had to mound the 570 baby vines to protect them from the cold. As the warning of the big freeze coming, the Ag community pulled all hands on deck and reached out to each other to helped where they could. Really love how our Ag community can rally together! Travis, Quinnton and Mac (Quinnton's Buddy), went to help Bret Neal from Stoney Mesa pick the last of his Riesling. The boys work really hard and I am proud of them

To thank them for their hard work Travis took them the Red Shed's Haunted Corn Maze and I made them a pineapple upside down cake. We have all the equipment put away and we are now working on selling the juice. We are hoping to finish off the year with a couple more holiday shows in Delta, Crested Butte and Olathe...possibly a Front Range visit! See our event page for updated information! Happy Fall!

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